What keeps you awake at night?
Through conversation with you, we help you to clearly define the business issue that you are trying to solve, or the ideas that you have around possible opportunity areas.

Why come to us? We are well placed to apply our skills across a wide range of project types and industries. We are cross functional and cross industry experts with years of experience, both inside and outside of the corporate environment. This ‘breadth and depth’ experience means that we are well placed to apply our skills across a wide range of project and industry types.
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Let's have a conversation about data
The world is gathering more and more data every day. We don’t want you to throw money at more research or new data. Let’s first use what you currently have, extracting the maximum value and intelligence from data that is already available. 

By data, we mean: facts, statistics, measurements and observations. This might be internal data linked directly to your business such as sales figures. Or it might be external data which gives us a view of the broader industries that you operate in. We also have conversations with people from across various parts of your company or industry. In data poor countries and industries, we use the limited data that is available, to create more data and by doing so, we are able to complete the picture. 

By combining all of these different data sources, we join the pieces of the puzzle to form a complete picture. This provides additional value that analysis of each component in isolation would not have.
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This is the part we love the most
We deliver advanced analytics tailored to your specific needs. This is done by building tools and models that integrate all of your relevant data sets. As we are software independent, we often do this by using Microsoft Office, which means you don’t need to purchase any extra fancy software. Or we could add other favorite visualization software options which are available out there. Our tools are flexible and user friendly, allowing the user to explore the data by simply dragging and dropping various elements.

We go way beyond the usual reporting and data warehousing offerings, by modelling key aspects of your business. Therefore if you already have a dashboard reporting solution, this would possibly serve as one of the inputs into the work that we do. And if you don’t, the work that we do is likely to inform what this dashboard might look like. We could also of course create an awesome dashboard for you.

We transfer knowledge and skills to you and your teams during the duration of the project.  This places the power back into the hands of your business and its people. And we do all of this without putting a strain on your existing resources.
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Let’s answer your questions. Using the Tool, we prepare a concise, powerful story aimed at answering those strategic issues outlined at the start of the project.

Using forward looking assumptions, we are also able to develop a point of view on what the future might look like and together with you, derive insights and implications.  This helps to quantify opportunities and often eliminates waste. It shows businesses what to invest in and what to say no to. These insights range from product profitability to business strategy, and beyond.

It highlights priorities. It informs strategic conversations and decision making.
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What next
Let’s talk to you about your options. You have a few possible solutions. But which of these is the best approach to take?

As part of a collaborative workshop together with you and your team, we help you craft a number of possible scenarios. By understanding the implications and outcomes related to each of these options, you are empowered to choose a course of action best suited to the future of your business.

The overall objective is to set off positive change that will set you apart from your competitors.
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